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So, What Makes You Different?

I get asked this question all the time. During conversations with prospective clients, where they are exploring the idea if virtual assistance is right for them, they want to know “What makes you better? Why should I hire Virtual Assist USA versus another virtual assistant company? What is your secret sauce?”

There are many companies out there that offer virtual assistant services. All of those firms market the fact that they offer high-quality virtual assistants, they are reliable and they are experienced.

When asked this question, I think about our satisfaction guarantee and how we recruit our virtual assistants. I think about our process-oriented systems, sophisticated time-tracking and the quality of work that we produce. But, is how we function what really sets us apart?

I’ve found that the defining differentiator isn’t just one thing – like the way our project management system offers transparency to clients – but it’s a combination of things that, when all rolled up together, enable us to produce better and faster results for our clients. I think that what makes Virtual Assist USA so special is:

  • Our service model is based on one point person, an individual account manager – a person in charge of making the client happy. This means that we understand our client’s businesses and understand how to help, without having to retrain or update staff every time there is a new task.

  • Our team is talented, caring, passionate, funny and respectful. Most importantly, our team is proactive—we love making suggestions for our clients on how to do things better, faster, etc.

  • We handle specialized skills that other large firms don’t – such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Website Design, Pay-Per-Click Management and Video Marketing. We aim to be a one-stop shop for our clients.

  • We don’t impose a monthly fee, nor monthly minimums for our clients. Everything is on-demand: when you need it, as you need it.

  • We do not have additional fees for branded email addresses, extra users, communication via text message or phone, etc.

  • We have open, flexible office hours that meet the needs of our clients—we work when you do (nights, weekends, whenever!)

We are proud to incorporate all of the services of a typical virtual assistance firm with the additional amenities and specialized skills

of my team, in order to offer a one-stop solution for any business that requires on-demand, personalized support. To explore Virtual Assist USA further, reach out to us at

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