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4 Tools That Improve Productivity for Entrepreneurs

We love making their lives easier when they offload their marketing, administrative and social media tasks to us.

And many of those clients love technology. They know that it’s supposed to do a whole bunch of great things for them, but they often get frustrated in the process of wading through what will work and how it’s supposed to help.

Here are our top 4 favorites:

  1. Shoeboxed: If you’re someone who hates paper, receipts, business cards, etc, this app lets you scan and organize your papers so that you can streamline your documents for taxes, contracts, networking, etc. And the best part is, for all of you paper-haters, is that you can throw it all out at the end.

  2. Mozy: Mozy gives you military-grade online data back-up for your entire hard drive. The cloud storage also enables you to grab a file from any computer you may be on. (It can take a few hours to complete your first back-up, so make sure you carve out the time.) At about $6 bucks a month, it’s a great option.

  3. Rescue Time: Rescue time is a procrastinator’s coach, as it calculates how much time you’re spending on emails, social media sites, and more. It helps you manage your digital life by setting goals (and time limits) for where you’re spending the most of your brain space.

  4. Shake: Shake makes legal agreements simple, digestible and affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Shake’s agreements are just as enforceable as any other contracts, and helps you quickly send and e-sign agreements to new clients, independent contractors and vendors.

What are the systems that help you keep on top of your business?

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