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Hire a Virtual Assistant: 5 Myths & 1 Truth

When someone says the term “Virtual Assistant” it can immediately conjure up images of a random outsourced employee, on the other side of the world, taking forwarded calls, speaking broken English, and whose communication is more “stop and go” than a telegram from 1850.

We get the negative rep.

Over the past 8 years that Virtual Assist USA has been in existence, we’ve worked diligently to show the world the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant – increased productivity, reduced personnel expenses and overall ease of doing business. Here, we dis-spell some of the myths (and the truth) about hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Myth #1: I’m missing out on the local talent.

Fact: By expanding your hiring radius to all over the United States, you open your business up to a broader talent base with much more to offer in terms of skills and experience. By only sticking to the available talent in your zip code, you miss out on who may have what you’re really looking for.

Myth #2: I might run out of things for my VA to do.

Truth: One of the major benefits of a Virtual Assistant is to help you keep on top of your work, company, and life. Some weeks may be slower than others, but your VA can still help you even in a smaller capacity. With companies like Virtual Assist USA, we also offer the benefit of no monthly or weekly minimums, so you don’t have to worry about meeting a certain “quota” of hours.

Myth #3: Having an assistant remotely will cause a disconnect in communications.

Truth: In 2014, the statistics show that even the largest, most respected companies are hiring more virtual workers. Emailing for product quotes, Facebook friends who live further away, making purchases online… these are all “remote” relationships. There are also things you can do to “bridge the virtual gap”. We know how important relationship building is, especially when you’re partnering with a Virtual Assistant, so we recommend frequent phone calls and consistent communications between the VA and client. There are lots of fun ideas, too, like videos and Google Hangouts. By incorporating these tiny, yet typical things from a traditional workplace, you won’t have the disconnect you may be anticipating.

Myth #4: The hours spent will be hard to keep track of.

Truth: Most reputable Virtual Assistant companies will use time-tracking software like our favorite, Time Doctor. Your VA will stop/start the clock each time he or she begins to work on a specific task, ensuring that you pay for only time spent – and not bathroom breaks or Facebook browsing. These sophisticated software programs are even snapping screenshots throughout a remote assistant’s taskload, adding an additional level of trust.

Myth #5: A VA won’t improve business.

Truth: You’re hiring a VA to help you with minuscule tasks so that you can focus on the core functions of your business. For many, this means generating more revenue or developing a larger customer base. A skilled Virtual Assistant will certainly improve your business as they improve your productivity.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will, hands-down, be one of the best things you can do for your business. With the changing times are such where remote partnerships and workspaces are becoming the top trend and work environment, there hasn’t been a better time to hire a VA. So breathe and begin the process of hiring your Virtual Assistant today.

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