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Are Your B-2-B Communications Boring?

If you’re a business owner, it’s safe to say you’re the one handling the majority of your business’ communication. Newsletters, email marketing, social media, and promotional material– all a vital part of running a successful business. The problem? Many times, B2B companies simply run out of creative content for their campaigns.

The result? A loss in prospective customers, brand recognition, and your competitors can use this opportunity to get ahead.

We get it, there’s only so much you can write about as a B2B owner, but how can you push out content, ideas, and concepts to that it’s fresh, dynamic, and stands out?


Take a look at content and communications from the big leagues. They must have done something right to be that successful, right? Scroll through your email inbox or your favorite Facebook fanpages with a lot of interactions. What makes them so successful? Are their posts funny or silly? Creative or thought provoking? While we aren’t saying to copy them by any means ( nobody likes a copycat) learn and be inspiredfrom what they’re doing and store it in the back of your mind for when it’s time to design your B2B communications. Everybody has a little bit of creativity in them, and that creativity is many times sparked by some outside inspiration.


Part of being a leader and running a business includes trying to take on way too much at once and all by ourselves. This leaves us feeling overwhelmed and at times burnt out– not just with our energy levels or vigor about the job itself, but it leaves our creative juices running high and dry. We see this all of the time in our Virtual Assistant company. Spark the inspiration and creativity for your campaigns by asking others for their opinion in your workplace. Ask for help, ask for feedback, get opinions. Hanging out in Starbucks? Ask the creative one sipping the non-fat macchiato for his opinion on your newsletter title or upcoming social media posts. Let’s face it, we don’t have all the ideas in that noggin of ours– ask for opinions, expand your horizon, grow your business.

Testing 1-2-3.

We could quote you a bunch of different quotes about failure and how you need to try and try again but we’ll just say this instead: if it doesn’t work, so what? Try again.

You’re going to have some flops in your small business, it comes with the territory. So– try something new. If your rebranding didn’t go as planned, if your newsletter campaign turned over some disappointing stats then just try again. It’s about trial and error, it’s about continual movement and growth. It takes some time to see what is considered “spice” and success in your industry as the leader of a B2B company, cut yourself some slack and keep experimenting with new and fresh ideas.

How do you keep your B2B communications new and fresh? What has worked for you? What doesn’t?

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