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The 3 Biggst Blunders Businesses Make With Social Media

1) If you build it, they might not come. For social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, simply creating a business page is certainly not sufficient on it’s own as a marketing channel. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs fail when they aren’t consistent with posts, engaging prospects or paying enough attention to the page. By being inconsistent or ignoring communication, it shows your prospects that you’re not focused on creating relationships. On Facebook, be sure to check in with those who “like” and comment on your posts to continue to engage with them. When using Twitter, join in on online conversations and chats that relate to your industry.

2) Using Instagram as a replacement for other social networks: Instagram is all about visual images. Many businesses make the mistake of posting quotes, menus or text-heavy promotions/coupons. Leave that for Facebook and Twitter. The best way to use Instagram to your marketing advantage is to highlight a specific product or service with the visual and use the caption area to highlight the text.

3) Ignoring Google+: While many social media marketing virtual assistants believe that Google+ didn’t launch in the big way it was supposed to, it’s still highly valuable. This social networking site is gaining momentum in 2014. With it’s visual components, it has a leg up on Facebook and it’s requirement to join YouTube is increasing the userbase (currently at about 350 million users). Google+ posts show up high in the SERPs (search engine results pages), so there’s a high value SEO benefit as well.

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