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Make Social Media Moves

Social media—it’s something we use everyday on a daily basis for work, school, and play—but do we REALLY know how to use it?

1. Start a convo. Social media is used to not only network, but to connect with others as well. Start conversations, get to know people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If someone tweets about how their barista was super nice at Starbucks today, ask them what they ordered or wish them a happy day.

‘ What does this do for me?” you may find yourself asking. You never know what this may spark and your next business connection could be just around the corner. Stay in touch with people, build social media friendships, interact with others—you’ll be glad you did.

2. Reply. To Everyone. Six times out of ten, companies (especially the bigwigs) don’t respond to their messages from fans and consumers. While one may feel that this is just an optional part of maintaining social media, you’d be surprised at how false that assumption is. Those 6 in 10 people you didn’t interact with could have been more sales, investors, or partners. It could have been your next boost in sales and success. Reply to everyone and let them know their correspondence is very much app