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Make Social Media Moves

Social media—it’s something we use everyday on a daily basis for work, school, and play—but do we REALLY know how to use it?

1. Start a convo. Social media is used to not only network, but to connect with others as well. Start conversations, get to know people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If someone tweets about how their barista was super nice at Starbucks today, ask them what they ordered or wish them a happy day.

‘ What does this do for me?” you may find yourself asking. You never know what this may spark and your next business connection could be just around the corner. Stay in touch with people, build social media friendships, interact with others—you’ll be glad you did.

2. Reply. To Everyone. Six times out of ten, companies (especially the bigwigs) don’t respond to their messages from fans and consumers. While one may feel that this is just an optional part of maintaining social media, you’d be surprised at how false that assumption is. Those 6 in 10 people you didn’t interact with could have been more sales, investors, or partners. It could have been your next boost in sales and success. Reply to everyone and let them know their correspondence is very much appreciated—they’ll value the time and energy you put into a response that took 5 seconds to do.

3. Don’t Sell Your Story; Tell It. Nobody likes a selling pitch strewn across their Facebook newsfeed every single day. It’s a turn off, it’s obnoxious, and trust me, your posts WILL Be hidden by MANY at some point. The alternative? Connect with a true story. Tell a story with impact, and as you connect with your audience, and in turn you’ll see your audience soften and look for more. The connection has been built based on the fact that you shared a true, genuine story and will most likely open the door for more interactions—no selling pitch needed, just tell your story.

4. Be Yourself. “Be you, everyone else is taken.” We hear this quote and others like it all the time, but how often do we implement it into our daily lives, especially on social media? With so many people trying to keep up with the Jones’ (or the Kardashians’, depending on who you are), it’s safe to say that we definitely pretend to be someone we’re not across our social media networks. Here’s a challenge: be yourself. The world wants to get to know who you really are, not who you pretend to be. One can relate to someone who demonstrates transparency and honesty as to who they are, which can lead to stronger relationships and connections.

5. Advertise. With Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin offering all sorts of advertisements for an array of businesses, products, and services, it’s time to take advantage of social media advertising while it’s at the best it’s been and years and utilize it as best you can. The best part about social media advertising is that you can work with literally any budget—10 cents a day to 10 thousand a day, it’s an ad campaign you have FULL control over.

6. Be Generous. Give stuff away. No, really, we’re serious. Online boutiques and shops’ sales have skyrocketed since they’ve incorporated giveaways, share promos, and pin-it-to-win-it contests. Giveaways, sweepstakes, and coupon codes are GREAT ways to raise awareness for your brand, product or service and gain a great fanbase. While it doesn’t have to be often, and you don’t have to give discounts or products away in excess, this is a great way to “make friends”, get fan’s attention and be loved by your fans and followers.

What social media strategies are you using this year? What

trends should be put to rest?

This all may seem extremely overwhelming, and proper social media utilization and optimization can definitely be intimidating! Here at Virtual Assist USA, we have award-winning assistants proficient in every area and aspect of the social media world. Ask about what we can do for you and your social media channels today.

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