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What You Need to Know About the Facebook Call-To-Action Button

As you know Facebook is always evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with the changes. One new feature that Facebook has added to the business pages will become one of the most important tools.

Up until March of 2013 there were rules against any advertising or Call to Actions (CTAs) on the cover image. Facebook never announced a change but those rules were removed from the terms of use.

In December of 2014 it was announced that Facebook will include a CTA Button on the cover image. You may have noticed when you are logged in as the administrator on your business page a new button marked “Create Call-to-action”.

A CTA prompts viewers to make a decision, take action and move to the next step. Having the CTA Button at the top of your profile incorporated with your cover creates opportunity.

This new tool will allow you to update your cover page to include actions for your viewers to pursue easily and be linked to your website, a different page on Facebook or a special opt-in page for a mailing list or event. Within the first three weeks of beta testing results show an increase of 2.5 higher conversion rates.

Contact Virtual Assist USA to find out how we can help you utilize this new tool on your Facebook Business Page.

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