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What You Have to Give Away to Be Successful

This is the time of year when we are updating our Client Service Manual. The manual is filled with how we, as a company, aim to listen to our customers, help them determine the best way tot utilize their Virtual Assistant team and provide them efficient, innovative solutions to their problems.

The manual also has a large focus on how we can show the client how much we value their business and loyalty -- because we believe in appreciation for all that our clients give us. However, what is also important is that we stand out from other Virtual Assistant companies. Our internal motto is that we aim to take the ordinary VA and turn it into the extraordinary -- the ultimate experience, when making the decision to work with us.

By letting this out in a blog, we don't feel that we're letting our biggest secret into the open. Rather, we feel that we're expressing to our clients, followers (and probably even our competitors), that our secret sauce is in being proactive. The principal is simple: to be successful - you have to give away more than is necessary or expected.

We've been told that this makes us a thought-leader in the industry. To elevate ourselves above other Virtual Assistant companies, we ask all team members to consider the following when serving a client:

  1. What can we provide clients at Virtual Assist USA that they positively cannot get anywhere else?

  2. What can we do to follow-up with prospects (and thank them!) even if they decide not to utilize us as their Virtual Assistant team? We believe in the power of our team, but if - for whatever reason, we're not a right fit - we're still cheering those businesses on.

  3. How can we reward clients for their loyalty?

What can we do, everyday, for clients that is totally unexpected?

This is our focus, every day. Being proactive helps us deliver honest value to clients and make a difference in their business.

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