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Why It's Time to Fire Yourself

You need to fire yourself (ouch!) Because you shouldn’t be doing it all, whether it’s just to show that you’re capable or maybe it’s because you think you need to bootstrap your small business’ budget. Frankly, these are toxic beliefs that not only limit your business’ revenue-producing potential… but it limits your happiness, too.

The savviest business owners know that they need to keep their energy and focus where it belongs: on delivering value to clients, overseeing the big picture vision for the business and enjoying a fulfilling personal life.

TIP: Think about what's holding you back from making the most profits with your time-- is it administrative work? Bookkeeping? Marketing planning? Managing your social media accounts? Figuring out the best strategies for search engine optimization?

Keeping your website content fresh? Researching what your competitor's are doing to get ahead? Delivering stellar, prompt Client Service? Writing blog posts regularly? Unless the area mentioned is your specialty, the area you are an expert in, the task that jazzes you up.... STOP doing it.

Remember, you don’t have to do it once right out of the gate... you just have to get started delegating.

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