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Why Landing Pages Are an Essential Marketing Tool

Landing pages work for both B2B and B2C companies.

Landing pages are used in online marketing as lead capture pages - simply put, a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search result, online advertisement or e-mail marketing link. The landing page contains directed sales copy, video/images and a specific Call to Action (CTA). Landing pages can be simply defined as an online marketing tactic that's designed to get people to "land" on a web page and take one action - opt-in for a newsletter, purchase a program or product, etc. They're critical and useful in virtually every industry - from healthcare to retail to manufacturing to coaching/training. Landing pages work for both B2B and B2C companies, as illustrated here.

There are a few reasons that many marketing Virtual Assistants consider landing pages a core lead capture tool. At Virtual Assist USA, we recommend them to our clients for these reasons:

1) Search engine optimization: Your website will show up higher in the search engines if you have lots of content. By creating landing pages, you continue to build up the amount of content that is a direct extension of your domain name - and move on up in Google's results.

2) Segment your connections: Landing pages are quick to produce, so you can have a landing page for virtually every segment that you market to, speaking directly to them and personalizing your message. For example, you can have a landing page for those who follow you on LinkedIn, those you met at a networking event, those who heard of you from a teleseminar, those who read your Google ad, etc. You direct those users to specific content based on the context of your relationship, which already builds the know-like-trust factor.

3) Marketing variety: You can't be everything to everyone, but we know damn well that you try. Let's consider your landing pages from a visitor's perspective - you have the opportunity to appeal to virtually every visitor if you create multiple landing pages that appeal to them. Essentially, you'll have a wider variety of offers for your visitors to convert on, which means more revenue in your pocket.

If you need help with your landing page, let us be a resource. We're on the other side of

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