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Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

When someone asks me that question, my answer is typically: "I can't say for sure." As someone who thrives on being decisive, it's unnerving.

Ask yourself this:

1) How do I feel about someone else executing the details? Virtual Assistants aren't the solution for those who like to manage all of the details themselves. Many of our clients come to us with some fear about letting go, but if you are a business owner or entrepreneur who has a complete opposition to delegation, hiring a Virtual Assistant likely won't provide you with the best ROI.

2) Am I a micromanager? Our clients still exercise some degree of control but they don't stifle their service providers or their Virtual Assistants. Our philosophy is that this is counterproductive. We make a conscious and honest effort to earn your trust by succeeding-- and keep you in the loop.

3) Would I be okay receiving feedback? Our VAs at Virtual Assist USA are different than other Virtual Assistant companies. We are proactive. It's because we've already have our individual successes, yet have come together to collectively achieve your goals . They are just as passionate as they are talented; just as knowledgeable as they are focused. They are experts in their disciplines who truly care about your business, which means that they may be more candid than you have seen with other companies.

4) Do I think it's essential sit next to someone? While we love meeting our clients face-to-face for dinner or a cocktail, we don't always have the pleasure of meeting you in person. That said, connection is still important, so we connect frequently via phone or Skype video sessions. If you feel that you need someone to share your office office, the virtual assistant option isn't the best route for you.

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