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An Ode to our Clients

I wanted to take this moment to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our clients, referrers and friends. It is with your support and loyalty that we have been able to thrive over the past 5 years. We consider you all part of our team - and you are deeply appreciated and valued.

I love that we have an official day each year to count our blessings, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if gratitude was a daily attitude? It's a Core Value of ours to make sure that we acknowledge our clients and remind them of how much they are valued. Still, it's nice that we have one day where we take the opportunity to shout our gratefulness from the rooftops.

All of us at Virtual Assist USA are especially thankful for our clients and referrers this year. We simply wouldn't be where we are today - an award-winning Virtual Assistant company, serving clients all over the world, in nearly 100 industries - if it wasn't for your love, support, trust. Whether you are a current small business client, an entrepreneur tossing the idea of a VA or just someone who finds value in the tips on our blog - we thank you.

We've had the distinct pleasure of working with you on your projects including: web design, product and program launches, iPhone apps, e-mail marketing programs, video marketing, content writing, social media management, public relations campaigns, search engine optimization and brand refreshes, amongst your administrative tasks. So, on Thanksgiving, we thank you for believing in Virtual Assist USA, putting your trust in us and giving us the opportunity to showcase the creativity and dedication to service of our talented team members.

It’s with hope and gratitude that we head into the holiday season and look forward to a successful, prosperous year. From our family to yours - our sincere wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! May your holiday be filled with happiness, love and laughter.... and a day off.

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