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Generating Buzz for your Biz with Free Press Release Sites

Writing free press releases, either by yourself or with the help of your Virtual Assistant, is an example of a way to establish credibility, expertise and exposure for your company.

There are three big reasons that we see for writing press releases:

  1. To make an announcement and get media attention: This is the old school-of-thought on press releases, but it still works. By writing a press release, you can get the word out to other markets about your launch, special event, teleseminar or expansion into a new city. Even if the media doesn't use your current release, you will be filed away as a journalistic resource for them-- and they will reach out to you first when they need someone in your field of expertise.

  2. To expand your sales funnel: By launching a press release, you are effectively capturing more leads for your sales funnel. You can write a release about your free report, a new website or even a new blog. Planting this seed and increasing your presence up the doors to joint ventures, strategic alliance partners, job seekers and many more opportunities.

  3. To better position yourself on Google (SEO): When free press release sites (our favorites listed below) pick up your press release (that is optimized with keywords and your URL), it will drive traffic to your website and increase your position on Google. Free press releases are one of the fastest, most effective ways to improve your SEO. Hire a Virtual Assistant to properly optimize the releases and submit via online sources for maximum online exposure.

As promised, our favorite, most effective free release sites:

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