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G-Mail Is Changing the Way You Work

If you love Google products (like we do!), you may use GMail for your e-mail. GMail has started roll out a feature that will automatically filter your email messages for you into three categories:

1) Primary: GMail does a great job of recognizing new e-mails sent from individuals in your Contacts to place them in your Primary folder.

2) Social: This is activity from LinkedIn, RSS Feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

3) Promotions: Newsletters, promotion lists, coupons and e-mails with an unsubscribe link end up in here.

If you utilize e-mail marketing in your business as part of your marketing strategy, this part is important. These changes will influence your e-mail marketing campaign, including deliverability and open rates. E-mail messages from you are likely considered as "Promotions" and automatically diverted to another tab rather then going to your intended recipient's Primary inbox. This means that your subscribers may not see an email from you unless their GMail settings are adjusted properly.

This means if your subscribers don't have their GMail settings properly set up, they may not see your promotional emails and communications!

Here are three simple steps of what you need to do to take charge:

1) Alert your subscriber's to the change. This is is also a great opportunity to communicate with them again and keep you on their radar.

2) Ask them to drag one of your emails to the "Primary" tag. The only other step is for them to be sure to click "Yes" when the alert pops up.

3) Thank them for being proactive in making sure that you can all stay connected.

Our Virtual Assistant team at Virtual Assist USA is happy to assist you in drafting and coordinating these changes!

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