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7 Ways to Be Successful In Your Business - Starting Today

In a business world of poor communicators, disappearing contractors & broken promises - how can you stand out?

  1. Be a great communicator: Respond to all e-mails within one business day. Don't log off of your computer until every last e-mail is cleaned out. Answer the phone. Return calls promptly. These simple strategies will make you stand out in a sea of busy competitors. Don't let even the smallest requests for favors, information or referrals go unnoticed. Delegate these to another team member if you have to; it's good professional karma to be on top of these things. (Tip: If this is seemingly impossible, hire a Virtual Assistant to assist with correspondence.)

  2. Always show up: This business philosophy means that you set a reasonable scope, timeline and deadline for your service delivery, and then wow your clients by delivering ahead of time, under budget and with a little something extra.

  3. Stay innovative: Hire and surround yourself with people who are smarter, younger, more innovative than you. Keep your ego in check and you will always be striving to be better.

  4. Stay one step ahead: Take 30 minutes every 30 days to brainstorm what the next steps are for your industry. How can you apply them to your company?

  5. Challenge yourself: Staying stagnant is the quickest way to failure. Implement a QR code campaign, speak at an industry conference or anything that is outside of your comfort zone as a cautious business owner.

  6. Don't give up: Success doesn't happen immediately or easily. Remember: most people give up when they're almost to success.

  7. Great moods are contagious: Smile!

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