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4 Reasons to Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy


ll (savvy, forward-thinking) small businesses should consider utilizing video marketing as a way to take advantage of the dynamic digital marketplace -- without breaking the budget. Having your virtual assistant design and launch a video campaign for you is an easy, simple way to:

1) gain credibility with your target market base -- consumers buy from those they know, like and trust

2) have the opportunity to interact with clients, customers and guests -- down the exact path and the way that you lead them to

3) drive search engine results (SEO tip: videos receive 3x as many clicks as websites, according to the latest Mashable research)

4) catapult customer interactions - like open rates, click-thru rates or sharing statistics - by 350-450%

By utilizing the services of a virtual assistant, you can put together a video to engage your clients, set you apart from the competition and begin building real relationships with your market.

For help with video editing, marketing & strategy, reach out to us for an introduction for our Video Strategist, Patrick. Patrick came to Virtual Assist USA with 10 years of video editing experience. Patrick works with our clients on video editing, audio editing, special effects, motion text graphics, event recaps, detailed editing to music and his favorite specialty: video story telling. Having won 6 video editing competitions, he is recognized in his industry as a top leader and creative director. Recently, he composed a video for the United States Olympics Women’s Gymnastics Team that was praised by individual athletes.

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