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Why Entrepreneurs Don't Hire Virtual Assistants

Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to take the action needed to start working with a team. They're afraid that hiring a full-time, in-office assistant is the only option - which scares them because they worry about workman's compensation, taxes, benefits, space, equipment, training. They don't realize that's not their only option - and most times, it's not even the best option.

Entrepreneurs don't in-person assistants because they


  1. It's going to take months and months to find the perfect candidate

  2. Additional costs like benefits, workman's compensation, employee taxes and more - reducing the margin for growth

  3. That they won't have enough work to keep someone busy 40 hours a week, yet they'll have to pay for that

  4. The process of hiring, firing and training

It's quite the opposite when you hire virtual assistants, administrative consultants or otherwise outsource their business services, because:

  1. It's easier than ever to do a Google search for the best virtual assistant companies and vet them based on testimonials and reviews, plus outside sources like blogs

  2. Companies simplify invoicing and rates by providing one flat, all-encompassing fee for service that makes it simple to budget

  3. Virtual Assistants work only when you need them and when you want them - meaning if you only need 4 hours of service on Tuesday, you only pay for 4 hours

  4. Virtual Assistants ramp up quickly because this is what they're used to - many companies have simplified on-boarding processes that can get you started in 1 day or less.

Is it time for you to hire a Virtual Assistant company?

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