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How to Love Up on Your Clients

Having recently promoted our project manager, Jolyn, to Client Experience Manager, it's clear that client care is #1 on our Core Value list. Having a team member dedicated to the experience is a good indication and representation of how our relationships with our Virtual Assistant clients work. In the 5 years we've been in business, many of our clients have come to us via a referral. (It's not bragging - it's just truth in advertising.) We treat every single client as if they're our only client. Venture forth and discover some of the small (but impactful) ways we make our clients feel special - and feel free to swipe some of our ideas.

1) Send them a little something: It doesn't have to be expensive, but it does have to bring a smile. Our all-time favorite vendor, Pretzel Crazy, offers a type of treat that you won't find anywhere else. Add to that the fact that they ship fast and are a local Pittsburgh company, and we're all for it. Include a short but sweet (pun intended) gift note.

2) Write a note: Since hardly anyone gets mail anymore that is not a bill or a Comcast offer, send a brief, handwritten note that thanks the client for their loyal

ty and their business. Carve out a 15 minute time block in your calendar to see how many you can complete in a short amount of time.

3) Be proactive: When we are designing a client's website, if we see there is room for improvement on their LinkedIn page, we speak up. Be proactive in your thinking - offering results-oriented solutions. Look at the big picture, keep the client's vision in mind and think about what you can suggest. (We've been told from many of our clients that they appreciate our proactiveness over other Virtual Assistants they've tried.)

4) Support them outside of work: If your client is running a 10k for charity or if their son is selling magazines for Little League, be generous in your giving. If you're a huge fan of their product or service, share it on your personal Facebook page to tell your friends. Write a positive review on Yelp. Connect them with other vendors or partners for which you know wa good collaboration will be made.

Above all, remember that your clients are #1 in your business - the most important people in your company. Treat them with a little extra love -- and you'll always stand out.

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