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4 Signs It's Time to Get Help & Hire a Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs are guilty of being stubborn-- they strongly resist the idea of hiring help, whether that's in the form of a Virtual Assistant to handle social media or a bookkeeper to manage invoices. It's innate in an entrepreneur's nature to do it all themselves.

But the truth is, making an attempt to do it all yourself certainly doesn’t make you a better, more profitable business owner. Refraining from hiring help and getting assistance will consistently negatively impact your business growth and you can kiss work/life balance good-bye.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively, freeing you to focus on the big vision.

Here are 4 signs that it is time to hire a Virtual Assistant, ASAP:

1. You forget to do certain tasks, like updating your website, confirming appointments or designing new social media images. Imagine how much more successful and systematized your business would be if these necessary tasks didn’t consistently fall through the cracks. What would happen if you hired a Virtual Assistant to help with these functions? You would stay ahead of your competition, improve your company's perception, be recognized for your hallmark customer service and maintain a competitive edge in your industry. If you're getting off track, it's time to hire a Virtual Assistant.

2. You haven't spend time with friends or family in a long time. When you're missing out on birthday parties and dinners because of your work, it is time to re-prioritize your tasks. Even if your assistant only works 3-5 hours per week, that is plenty of time for you to restore a bit of work/life balance. Don't miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime moments because of a looming deadline.

3. Your billable rate is higher than $35/hour. If you bill out your time at more than $35/hour -- or if your widget sales average more than that per day --then it is a good, sound financial decision to hire a Virtual Assistant.

4. You're putting off tasks because you don't like doing them. For some entrepreneurs, they dread bookkeeping or writing marketing copy. Yet, there are people out there who actually love doing what you despise so much that they made a career out of it. Find those Virtual Assistants, or hire a Virtual Assistant company who has them on hand.

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