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Here's to the Mom-Preneurs

The mom-preneurs that I encounter each day in my practice inspire me with their grace, perseverance and commitment.

As Mothers Day approaches, I wanted to salute the amazing progress that "Mompreneurs" have made over the past decade. More women than ever are being active parents while growing their businesses exponentially. Mother's Day is the perfect time to step back from the crazy commitments, press pause and appreciate where we - as a society - are at with a culture of mom-preneurs right now. There are even the moms who somehow figured this all out, long before someone put the word "mom-preneur" to it. It's quite incredible.

Entrepreneurs - and especially mom-preneurs - have a life that may not always be glamorous, but they continue to amaze me. They get to walk their own walk, talk their own talk, call out the shots and live out their vision. They get the glory when it works and the lessons when it doesn't. They learn how to achieve balance personally and professionally. Mom-preneurs still have the time to put the kids down for naps, take them to the zoo and help with homework. With the right support system set up, they can play hooky for a day at the park. They build community, joint ventures and stratgic partnerships with other women entrepreneurs. They're showing that they can birth, grow and run a successful company... and a family.

And I know that they couldn't imagine their life any other way. They wouldn't even want to try.

We can't wait to see what you fabulous mom-preneurs tackle next!

To the special moms in our Virtual Assist USA team: Mary, Jolyn, Kim, Carol, Jennifer, Lynn, Maria, Patricia, Alicia, Bernadette, Lee, Kelly, Christine, Barbara - we're so proud of you and what you do everyday.

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