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4 Tips to Quick Tips to Get More Online Exposure for Your Press Release

Include just the right amount of keywords: Start by making a list of the most relevant keywords for your topic. By using the free keyword tool by Google, you can evaluate monthly search volume, get more relevant keyword suggestions and determine the best keyword for your press release. Be sure to use your keywords in the headline and throughout the announcement. It is especially important to make the headline short enough that it can be easily Tweeted or shared otherwise. (Tip: if you feel that the release is getting too keyword-heavy, use tertiary keywords to ensure that readers don’t get turned off.)

  1. Show some (targeted) link love: Don’t hyperlink to your product or business name. Why? Because it’s more likely that searchers are looking for your product generically, rather than by your brand specifically. As an example, if we were writing a press release, we would link to “Virtual Assistant company” rather than “Virtual Assist USA.”

  2. Amplify your release with images: Video, too! Press releases that include visual elements like an image or a YouTube video, get shared 4 times more often than those without. Those elements also dramatically increase engagement.

  3. Go for a social blitz: Share your press release wherever you can, because the more backlinks that point back to your release mean that search engines will assign a higher value to your content. In addition to posting your news on your website, ask your team members to Tweet and make Facebook status updates about the news; create a YouTube video linking back to the release on your website; post a blog; pin the release on Pintrest, etc.

BONUS: Stuck on what to write about? Think about: A new hire, product or service line launch, new contract, expansion of a deal with a partner, new/improved office location, new hires, industry survey placement, speaking engagement, anniversary and more.

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