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The Cost of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Being a professional and expert in any industry takes training, practice, professional equipment, and a commitment to excellence in the work provided.

It's inevitable: cost is a factor in most, if not all, business decisions. Something to consider, yes, but it should not be the number one objective when hiring a Virtual Assistant company or business services firm. When you are car shopping, do you go for the lowest priced model? Or, do you shop for the car that is high-quality and fits your needs? It is the same with hiring a Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant or business services provider can:

  • Design your website

  • Manage an effective social media campaign

  • Coordinate a new product launch from start to finish

  • Organize a telesummit to provide more exposure to your brand or product

Less-savvy businesses will take the less expensive route only to be incredibly dissatisfied with the quality of the talent. It's true, they always eventually hire a more experienced professional and company.

With that in mind, here is a bit of information that can help you in selecting a professional Virtual Assistant firm at a rate you can stomach.more

  1. Most professional Virtual Assistant firms will have a rate card that they use to quote a project. If you have a budget, let them know.

  2. Ask what the rate includes—does it include unlimited e-mail support? Night and weekend availability? Don't let someone nickel and dime you.

  3. Are there discounts for volume or 3-6 month commitments?

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