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5 Must-Have Traits for Entrepreneurs

Discipline: Be focused and eliminate all distractions, hindrances and things you can delegate. Have an over-arching strategy, outline the steps to accomplish them and take steps everyday towards growth. Successful entrepreneurs also know that neither success nor failure is ever final.

  1. Confidence: Entrepreneurs attracted by the excitement and risk of entrepreneurship. As a successful entrepreneur, be confident that with your knowledge, behind-the-scenes Virtual Assistant team and resources, you will succeed. Entrepreneurs do not wait for permission or acceptance.

  2. Competitiveness: When working in corporate America, you were the one thinking “I can do this better.” You have an inherent need to win at sports and board games (I personally get pretty mouthy when it comes to Monopoly). Use that competitive streak to assess your competitors and identify what you can do better, faster, smarter or cheaper.more

  3. Creativity: You have the ability to do what others are not. Create a synthesis between old ideas and innovation.

  4. Willing to delegate: You can’t do it all on your own. The figures don’t lie. Figure out your hourly rate – and then calculate how much revenue you lose annually doing administrative, marketing or operational tasks. Successful entrepreneurs know how to allocate their time. You don’t have to change your processes – because they work – but change who handles them. Your time is too valuable.

Lastly, remember that your business should go beyond you. In order to grow, you need to be strategic about developing a behind-the-scenes team, delegating and lightening your load. When you’re free to create and dream—even bigger things can happen.

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