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Simplifying Your Message Can Increase Sales

Most of our clients want to generate revenue and make money online. They come to us for support in how to do it. Here are some ways that simplifying your message can increase sales.

  1. Prove it! Include re-assuring case studies or testimonials (if they include numbers, even better!) that support what you are selling.

  2. Don't compare the cost of your product or service to a competing one in the same price bracket. Rather, compare it to something that costs a lot more. For example: compare your cloud-based software to a hard-copy, licensed version or compare a Virtual Assistant to a full-time employee.

  3. Include images with captions. Why? Because captions are the third most-read piece of a website -- right behind the headline title and last lines.

  4. Don't sell your product or service. Sell the benefit. Carefully evaluate your copy to make sure you are selling benefits to the customer, not features of your product.

  5. Be concise and compelling, especially in the first paragraph. Use language as you would with a friend or associate.

  6. Go up one font size.

  7. Promote a sense of urgency. Include rush shipping or rapid quick-start options. This shows the potential customer that you're selling something important, that people want to have yesterday.

  8. Create 2-3 emotion-based headlines. Test two of them at a time. When you find the winner of the two, run it against a brand new headline. Continue to eliminate until you find the most effective. (Hint: PPC campaigns like Google AdWords is an efficient, fast way to do this.)

  9. Ask your Virtual Assistant to review for typos, grammatical errors and broken links. Those mistakes make your work look sloppy. No one wants to purchase from someone careless.

  10. Does what you are offering satisfy one of 10 human needs? (To save you time from having to 'Google' these: Make money, save money, save time, do something good for your family, feel more secure, impress others, gain pleasure, improve yourself personally, belong to a group or make you attractive to others.)

  11. Last, but not least: what does your follow-up look like? Make sure that you have auto-responders in place to keep in touch with the prospect 5-7 times after their first look at your product or service. The most successful companies add another, personalized layer to this by having their VA make calls to individual prospects. It puts a human touch to the process and often makes all the difference.

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