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What Blogging Means to Your Revenue Stream

Our worlds are jam-packed with statistics, opinions, guidelines and data on how to operate and manage a successful business. Yet, most business owners struggle to cohesively take that information and write blogs.

They don’t realize how important blogging is to an overall marketing and SEO strategy.

Google’s latest algorithm, developed earlier this year, changed the game for many businesses. Websites that had previously been at the top of SERPs (search engine results pages), sunk to the obscure 5th page. The reason for this change is that Google is now looking for fresh content, relevant user friendly information and frequently updated pages. In a word: blogs.

  1. To get started writing blog posts, keep track of all of the developments in your industry. Think of how they affect your client’s problems and your solutions. Simply bookmark it in your web browser.more

  2. To aggregate all of this information, subscribe to RSS feeds or hire a Virtual Assistant to compile the information. Work closely with your Virtual Assistant to organize these steams of information, use SEO techniques and create an overall master strategy.

  3. Short posts are okay, too. You can post a link to a relevant piece of industry information and offer 3-4 brief sentences that outline your opinion on the issue. As common sense dictates, avoid politically-charged comments.

The most important piece of advice: do not neglect blogging. Consistently follow up with your plan. Stay up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques. Work closely with your Virtual Assistant team to follow your plan and constantly adjust it. By blogging, you maximize the potential of your online success. When you have more visibility online, your revenue stream directly increases.

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