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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Newsletter Fresh

Many clients who use our Virtual Assistant and newsletter-writing services come to us because they struggle with keeping their content fresh. We avoid the stale, stuffy newsletters with 5% open rates. We aim to create the newsletters with high open rates.

1) EZine Articles: This service is a great way to get instant content for your newsletter. Do the right thing and give proper credit to the original source. Go one step further and let them know you’re using their content—often, they will be happy to share with their own lists.

2) Review an App: Search for apps that are most applicable to your target industry. Which apps provide solutions to your client’s problems? How good of a job do you think they do?


3) Give back to charity: Choose your favorite charity (or better yet – poll your employees for theirs). Offer to donate to the charity on behalf of every newsletter subscriber who does something – Tweets about your newest product or places a minimum order.

4) Portfolio item of the month: If confidentiality allows, showcase an item from your recent portfolio. Bonus if that generates more traffic to your client’s site! If you cannot do this, choose a funny photo from Flickr, pull the embedded code and make your audience laugh.

5) Do a poll: Engaging your list in a poll is a great way to keep your business in the front of their mind – for at least 5 minutes. J Use this as an opportunity for inexpensive market research or feedback on how you can better serve their needs. Most potential customers are happy to tell you how to do this, as long as you ask politely.

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