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7 Public Relations Tips from your Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assist USA manages entire public relations campaigns, writes marketing copy, makes submissions to national publications and can speak to the media on your behalf.

Busy business owners, executives and even current PR Pros: review these 7 tips... and, as always, if we can help you, ask!

1. Use what is available to you. The most traditional ways to get noticed used to be to buy expensive advertising, try to find out who the best media contacts were, and then practically beg the media to write about you. The internet has changed that all. The best way to get noticed today is to publish great content online. There are several sites for free press release submission, and blog owners who will want to connect with you to add your press release. An experienced Public Relations Virtual Assistant can work with you to uncover these.

2. Tell them how In your press release, don't just talk about what your products and services do. Instead write how you solve problems for your customers. Offer solutions, best practices and helpful hints. The rest of it speaks for itself.

3. Love what you do and show it Exude energy, enthusiasm and professionalism. People do business with people they like and trust. People do business with those they can build a strong partnership and relationship with. Focus solely on solving your client's problems and making their life easier.

4. Be intelligent Post thoughtful, insightful comments on blogs, forums and chat rooms that are related to your industry. But - and this is important - don't push your products too hard or sound like a sales pitch. Remember, the goal is to get your name out and define your brand -- not spam online boards. A professional virtual assistant can work with you to create the copy of the posts, and post them on the boards -- freeing up your time to do what you best.

5. Read, read, read! Read the popular books in your industry and write a review on online sites such as Use your real name and affiliation, and brand yourself as an expert on that topic.

6. Let them see you Easily shoot a short video showcasing your products or services -- this can be done surprisingly inexpensive with today's great technology and you likely already have the software on your computer -- and post it onto and other video sites. This will also benefit your SEO. In addition to that, it lets your clients see more of "you". Again, we go back to the principle of people wanting to do business with those that they like and trust.

7. Do your research Be absolutely sure of the search terms people are using to find products and services like yours. Create content in these press releases that search engines will reward with high rankings on Google, Yahoo and the like. Also, though these are some of the best sites out there, don't forget to submit to the 100s of other search engines. The more your link is "out there", the better your search results are!

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