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Who Needs a Virtual Assistant?

The short answer is: anyone who needs 25 hours in the day.

As a modern and cost-effective approach to traditional staffing, we work with several groups:

1) Mid-to-large size companies

2) Entrepreneurs

3) Professional service providers, like lawyers or CPAs:

4) Franchise owners

5) Managers

When using a team of Virtual Assistants, you avoid the headache of having to sit down and interview individuals for days.

Because the point of bringing someone on board isn’t to create more work for yourself – hiring a Virtual Assistant team who can ramp up quickly cuts down on your workload.

Some examples:more
  1. Lawyer – Time is stretched thin in legal offices. Motions need to be filed, contracts drafted, invoices created, the website maintained and more. A handful of large Virtual Assistant teams, like Virtual Assist USA, also have experienced paralegals on staff. With impeccable attention to detail and a strong educational background, hiring a Virtual Assistant can free up your time to do the real legal eagle work! (These same principles apply to those who are Doctors and Accounting professionals.)

  2. Entrepreneurs – A budding entrepreneur may task a Virtual Assistant to brainstorm new branding, create mock-ups for a website, develop a keyword strategy, performing market research, booking conference arrangements, filing and packaging RFPs or draft content. These tasks bog down entrepreneurs.

  3. Managers – Managers come to a Virtual Assistant for 2 needs. Most managers are inundated with administrative burdens like data entry into CRM professional alternative to staffing. Managers also come to Virtual Assist USA specifically when they need an outside specialist to aid in areas of search engine optimization, internet marketing and social media.

How do you want to use your Virtual Assistant?

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