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How to Have a Successful Relationship with your Virtual Assistant

One of the most crucial elements in an entrepreneur's business these days is having a behind the scenes office team to help. Virtual Assistants help clients generate more revenue and gain more free time. Technology evolves and more small business owners turn to the cost-effective choice of outsourcing.

Are you already working with a Virtual Assistant, but you feel that the relationship isn't "right"? Are you looking to work with one? As the owner of a Virtual Assistant firm, Virtual Assist USA, I will share with you my tips for a fantastic working relationship.

1) Be Human: While we work most of our time online, it is still nice for both the client and the VA to take an interest in each other's lives. Add a short, friendly greeting to the email with the first task or the day, or remember a birthday. A simple thank you can affect attitudes in a strong way that affects your bottom line.

2) Have Trust - In Your VA and In Yourself: You have to trust yourself and your judge of character, that you picked the right VA. VAs are experts in their fields - they have had the schooling, training and ongoing seminars to prove it. If your VA suggests a new technology or process, be sure to give it an honest look. VAs are the first to know the newest software that will save your business time or money.

3) Have Office Hours: Though one of the perks of being an entrepreneur is being able to work whenever you would like, having standard office hours will facilitate better communication and progress. On the flip side, let your VA know when you absolutely do not want to be contact -- Sundays, early mornings, etc. VAs are there to make your life easier and less stressful, so be sure to be open about times you are available to talk!

4) Automate It: If you are working with a very professional VA, they should have a task requisition form that you use to work together. This should state the task, the date, the deadline, any additional information, the priority and the output that you would like to receive it in. Your VA should also be sending you weekly check in reports so that you know how much time you've spent and where you are on certain projects. These should be succinct and keep you abreast of your project.

5) Give Feedback: When a VA asks for and receives honest feedback, it helps their business. Do not worry about hurting feelings or appearing critical. VAs want to know how they are doing!

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