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A Little Motivation in 2009

This year, my wish for you is to

- generate more income

- gain more free time

- do what you are passionate about.

If you are wasting time on tasks that do not generate revenue, or generate low revenue - or you are doing things you are not passionate about (for me, it's bookkeeping - so I have a great Virtual Assistant to help me) outsource it!

We all need a little motivation now and then to get kicking. . . so, I'd like to jump start the New Year for you with some inspiraration for the entrepreneur inside all of you.

Some things to keep in mind this year for your success:

  • Dare! A "sure thing" isn't always the best plan. Take big risks and reap big rewards. . . and at the end, you have a better story to tell

  • Learn one lesson: failing is okay. Keep failing, in fact - because it will cause you to make mistakes and then force you to learn from them. Failure is actually your friend, not a foe.

  • Change!: This was a big theme of this year's presidential campaign - and whether you did or did not vote for our current President - we can take a lesson from the theme. Change things up. Do not do what you always did. I am constantly changing my business plan, my marketing campaigns, etc. (One thing to keep in mind here, however, is staying brand consistent) -- but change is good; it will keep you motivated, keep it interesting and keep attracting new customers that you may have overlooked before. Commit yourself to constant improvement and change.

  • Be-friend the nerd: I try to surround myself with people who are more intelligent than I am - way more intelligent. It sounds like it would be a blow to my self-esteem, but it's not! Donald Trump and Bill Gates both do this. You can always learn something from those who are smarter than you!

  • Know the cliche that nothing is impossible: It's really not! I started my company with absolutely no money and from the dining room table of my apartment! I have heard stories of people coming from much worse. Nothing is impossible if you want it enough and you work hard enough.

My final thought - don't do anything you want to do. . . if it is a necessary task, outsource it. This is your business and your life and your future - don't waste time doing the things that bore you!

I wish you much love and success to kick off the year!


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