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Communications Expert


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Office + operational management; global service

Advanced Experience

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About Angela

Angela's client-centered approach, organization, and thoroughness make her a valuable asset to her clients. Angela has career experience in fast-paced, remote office settings and has experience working with global teams all across the US and Asia. She's orderly, focused, and dedicated to producing innovative and dynamic results. She prides herself on enhancing the client experience by assisting clients with executive administration, business operations, financial activities, research, and business development needs. 


Angela's executive administrative expertise and her expansive knowledge of operations are polished off by her commitment to over-the-top client service. Her abilities include administrative and executive support and online business management and management, client relations, operations, and marketing.

Our clients know her for the proactive way she provides professional, executive administrative support. Angela's keen eye for every small detail and adept project organization skills make her an invaluable team member to our clients. She has a talent for teaching clients how to cut through the noise and do things that matter. 

Angela is highly skilled in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Google Suite, Zoom, Canva, Adobe and more. She's also experienced in financial activities such as billing, invoicing, forecasting, validating time and cost data for service delivery and reviewing and presenting data-driven insights and recommendations.

Angela is is also Certified by Speakerflow University, where has had studied the SpeakerFLow Roadmap, Zoho One Directory, Managing Apps, Essential CRM Habits, GMail/Outlook Plugins, Calendar Integrations, the Focus Five, Analytics, Creating and Using Mail Merge Templates, eSpeakers and SpeakerFlow Integration, Lists v Segments v Topics, Sign Up FOrms v ZOho Forms and Pagesense, Workflow Automations, Hashtag Groups, Canva Integrations, Curating Content from Websites and RSS Feeds, Consolidated DM Inboxes, CRM Mail Merges, CRM Sync v Complex Automations, Group v Resource Buildings, Sales IQ, Flow-Building Essentials and more. 

Angela is a quick learner who is helpful and eager to help her clients implement the organization, systems, and processes to feel comfortable delegating. Angela is always broadening her skills and she loves presenting innovative solutions to tackle complex problems.


Angela received her degree in Communications and is also a trained and certified Six Sigma professional. When she's not working, you can find her traveling and discovering new places!

  • If you are looking for a versatile Virtual Assistant with a range of experience, look no further than Angela.

  • She is skilled at all aspects of Executive Assistance, including but not limited to client care, email inbox management, travel arrangements, and automation set up. She's also skilled in content writing, proofreading, content development and research.

  • Lisa Fuller, VP of Customer Operations, says "Angela is a strong operational leader!. She quickly can access areas of opportunity, create business cases to streamline processes and works as a team player to accomplish the task. Angela has strong people skills. She is an open and direct communicator who can adjust her communication style to fit the situation. Angela is a natural leader with an ability to influence a team or company for positive change. She has a strong work ethic and is able to do "whatever it takes" to support her company.

    Angela would be an asset to any organization she joins!"


  • Angela has 15 years of experience in process improvement, marketing, customer service, research and office management.

  • Angela has obtained several professional certifications and credentials including Executive Presence on Video Confernce Calls, Learning Service Now and Strategic Planning.

  • Shayne Tryon, VP at Metrolinx says "I worked with Angela for nearly 5 years. Angela was an excellent business partner and colleague. She was always open to new ideas on making operations more efficient and improving the customer experience. Angela is very hardworking, resourceful and a respected team leader."


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