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We found the better way to do
Virtual Assistance.

An entire remote team at your fingertips is now within reach!

Virtual Assist USA has been in business for 15 years. We've learned how to do Virtual Assistance the right way.​


We're experts at working efficiently in a remote environment -- saving our clients time and money.​


And, at Virtual Assist USA, all of our Virtual Assistant team members are our employees. This means that they're at their desks, ready when you need them. (And it means that we're doing the right thing when it comes to taking care of our team.)

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We have the solution

to tackle the overwhelming number of tasks on your plate

to be matched with an assistant in as little as one business day 

to having a team at your fingertips, without the burden or expense of an employee


Get started with a team today!

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On-Demand + Economical

We're the only company in the Virtual Assistant space where the packages of hours that you buy are yours forever. No expiration means you can use your time whenever you want—even if that's months from now. We are one of the few agencies that are set up to offer this flexibility.

We offer the most competitive all-inclusive rates in the industry with multiple savings plans. You pay only for the time you use - down to the minute. 

Our Virtual Assistants work as an extension of your team for one-time projects, short-term gap assistance, or long-term engagements. Your matched Virtual Assistant augments your team with the exact expertise you need at the moment. 


Put simply - you get the expertise on your team without the salary, benefits, equipment costs, and complications of an employee. (We take care of all of that for you!)

And, you don't need to wait weeks to be assigned to a Virtual Assistant. We can get you started in as little  as 1 business day.

Security & Quality

We only hire college-educated Virtual Assistants with a minimum of 10 years of experience.


Our matching process uses a professional personality assessment to connect Virtual Assistants to clients based not just on skill set, but on work behavior personality & communication style.

Our system is under bank-level security, with end-to-end encryption.


We are HIPAA-compliant & provide confidentiality/NDA agreements to all clients.

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Made in the USA

Our Virtual Assistants work right here in the United States and go through complete federal background checks. 

Our team takes the experience we have working for clients such as Harvard Business Review, Dow Chemical, Tableau, National Speakers Association, Twitter, IBM, and Broadcom and puts that knowledge to use for your business -- big, small or somewhere in between.

We provide services and solutions to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even Fortune 500 corporations who do not have space/equipment/funds/desire/need to hire an employee full-time, in-house.

Since Day 1 - October 2nd, 2008 - our mission has been to make the luxury of an assistant available to every entrepreneur. 


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