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Virtual Assistant Services

The Difference

What makes Virtual Assist USA different?

Virtual Assist USA has been around since the industry's birth in 2008 and we've how to do Virtual Assistance the right way. As the industry's longest-standing multi Virtual Assistant team, we're in the market to stand the test of time.  

All-American Team

There are offshore Virtual Assistant companies and even U.S.-based companies who have American management-- who offshore operations. It's important to our clients that their Virtual Assistant company operates fully in the United States of America. All of our Virtual Assistants are U.S. citizens, native English speakers & it will always stay that way. 


There's never a minimum number of hours to use. You're never locked into a contract or forced to use or lose your hours each month. We just believe that's good business. You pay for what you use, down to the minute.  Our system methodically records time in 1-minute increments, so billing is accurate every time. 

One Stop Shopping

Clients are assigned to a dedicated Virtual Assistant, yet have access to hundreds of services-- marketing, website administration, social media, human resources, bookkeeping and more. We've truly been able to blend the best Virtual Assistant company models to come up with this solution.


Every one of our Virtual Assistants is college-educated with a minimum of 10 years of experience. We've created a collaborative workplace where proactivity is cultivated and celebrated. Clients are matched to Virtual Assistants using a proprietary process that is a blend of skill-sets, work behaviors & communication styles. 


We take this responsibility seriously. Working with thousands of clients since 2008, we have never encountered a security breach or loss/misuse of client files. Data is only stored after being passed through a one-way hash-and-salt technique (a best practice for high security), all access is logged and our data-centers have passed the SSAE16 audit. We are HIPPA-compliant & execute Confidentiality/NDA agreements.

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