Virtual Assist USA Employee Resources Page


This page is here to provide you with training videos, templates, tips & tricks, to set you up for success with your clients and to help propel your career with us forward! 

Remember, if you are using the below for a specific client, that would be billed to that client. 

If you are looking to take any of these trainings for general purposes it must be approved before logging internal time. 

Our VA Courses page houses Virtual Assist USA training courses created and hosted by our team. Please feel free to use them inconjunction with the resources below.

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Marketing is always evolving and it is important to maintain knowledge across many platforms. Our trainings, tutorials and guides here are for widely used platforms as well as overall guides to assisting clients in their marketing efforts. 

Business Strategy

Often times our clients are looking for next level consulting and advice in elevating their business. In this case advice on business strategy is needed. Our links here will guide you in being knowledgeable in an array of business topics to converse and brainstorm with your clients.

Business Conference
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Platform Trainings

Platforms are forever changing. Below are popular ones that a wide variety of clients utilize. 

Remember in the Team Folder in Teamwork, there is a notebook with a list of suggested platforms! 

Virtual Assisting Assisting

Sometimes assisting can prove challenging! So we are here to help. 

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Got Questions?

Often times we just need a second pair of eyes or a brief reminder on something. Here is an anonymous question answering service for our VAs. 

Ask us any question, platform, strategy or company related and we will assist!  

(please note we prefer you speak directly to our executive team with any and all questions you have but if this is a better option for you it is here for you!) 

Employee Quick Links

Quick and helpful employee links.

Remember in the Team Folder in Teamwork, there are these locations as well.