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Virtual Assist USA Employee Client Onboarding Training

Onboarding a new client is the first integral step to a successful client - va relationship. Below you will find the steps, and tips along the way for "HOW TO" onboard your clients.

Remember: Customer Service is of the utmost importance. 


How I get a client?


What do I say to the client?

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Step 3

Setting up the first call

Our Support Team will email you your new assigned. The email will introduce you to the client with their client information and their onboarding questionnaire. 

You can see what the questionnaire looks like here that client fill out to get a sense of the information provided.

It is then up to you to "reply all" back to this introduction email with a welcome email. 

Template for that email: 

Dear [Client Name],

I am very much looking forward to working with you!  Do you have availability in the next few days for an introductory call?  I have the following availability:


[Include 2-3 options ASAP, the next business day and second business day. Also include your time zone as clients are in all time zones]


Will any of these times work for you? If so, please let me know which time you prefer and where I can reach you then.


I am excited to speak to you about how I can assist you. [Include a personal note here about something that you noticed on their website, something that you are impressed with, something that you know they will need and you have experience in-- examples: I had a chance to read your website and I align with your mission to work with small businesses who need support but don't have the budget. Or -- I understand that you need research help with your project and I'm glad to be a resource for this based on my experience.] Thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you.  




The first call can be a zoom call or phone call. We recommend that you suggest a zoom call in order to see your client (this helps with communication) and also so you can record the call in order to look back on what was discussed. Invite your supervisor to the google invite and if they are available they will join the first client call. 

Virtual Team Meeting

Step 4

Prep for the call

Step 5

After the call

Make sure after the call is complete you understand your next steps and tasks to move forward. You should send a recap email to the client and CC your supervisor. 

Reminder: If you need access to any of the client platforms make sure you ask for access. They can share their passwords over phone, via lastpass, or any other secure method they choose.

Being prepared for your first call is the best course of action! Preparing for the call is billed to the client. Make sure to write in the description in teamwork "onboarding preparation and email". 

Here is a checklist document to help you prepare for the call, before, during and after!

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