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What Do I Delegate to My Virtual Assistant?

What Do I Delegate to My Virtual Assistant

The biggest question we get asked isn't "how do I hire a Virtual Assistant?" or "do I need a Virtual Assistant?" Rather, it is "What do I do once I have one?"

Below are 5 of the most common and easiest tasks for new clients to delegate to their VA. Here we answer the question "What do I delegate to a Virtual Assistant?"

  1. Manage your schedule: Whether you're involved in 5 meetings a week or 15, it's a major benefit having someone help you coordinate it all. A Virtual Assistant has access to your schedule and they can make sure that you not only fit in all that you need to but that there are no conflicts.

  2. Make calls and appointments: This can be one of the largest time sucks in your day. Whether you're planning a work event or even scheduling a personal dentist appointment, it's something that can be easily outsourced.

  3. Travel coordination: Many entrepreneurs are picking up the pace on attending conferences and networking events. This leads to a lot of flights, hotel reservations, and transportation coordination. Your VA can hunt for a specific itinerary or ensure that the total stays within your budget.

  4. CRM Management: You may be dealing with hundreds of contacts simultaneously - former clients, referral partners, and leads that have gone silent.

  5. Content development: While you still want to be the vision and the voice behind your content, utilize a Virtual Assistant to do some of the secondary work when it comes to content. You create the content but then hand it off to a VA for them to put it into WordPress, format it, do a last-minute proofread for mistakes, place/link in-content ads, make sure keywords are put in for SEO, schedule social media announcements, etc.

Can I just do it myself?

Of course. Many of the tasks that you may outsource to a Virtual Assistant turn out to be something that you could do yourself-- but should you? It comes down to how much you value your time. Me, I value my time most of all.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you afford yourself the time to spend on tasks that you believe are most important in your business-- this includes goal setting, planning new offerings, and finding multiple lines to generate revenue. You can spend this time at networking events, brainstorming, or other business development tasks.

And, others, may use that freed-up time not to work on their business but to spend time doing the things that they love - reading books, traveling, or spending time with family. And it's quite hard to put a value on that.


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