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Podcast: Not Your Average CEO: Lifeline

Not Your Average CEO Lifeline

The Not Your Average CEO: Lifeline is hosted by Danielle Cuomo, CEO, and owner, Nicole L, COO, Cassandra Black, VOM of Virtual Assist USA. The podcast was created out of the desire to share our 14 years of knowledge and experience in operating and running a small business with emerging entrepreneurs all way to the seasoned CEO of a large company.

We share tips from other CEOs and business owners on starting a virtual business. We cover how to and when to delegate tasks to a virtual assistant to get more done and the value that can be added to their business. We talk about the overlooked benefits of working with remote assistants, like increased productivity, retention, and creativity. And the importance for CEOs to take time for self-care.

If you would like to join our conversation on Not Your Average CEO: Lifeline and share your knowledge as a CEO or business owner on how virtual assistant and delegating work has helped propel your business. Please visit Virtual Assist USA.

Apply now to be a guest on our podcast!

Welcome to Not Your Average CEO Lifeline

  • introduction to the hosts, Danielle, Nicole, and Cassandra

  • Their roles with Virtual Assists USA

  • Why they started this podcast

The Virtual CEO

  • Danielle Cuomo, the Virtual CEO, covers how she began her virtual business

  • What she contributed to her success

Operations Starter Kit with a COO

  • Nicole Gallicchio-Elz, COO, speaks about the role of a chief operations officer

  • Shares advice for those that would like to work as a COO.

The Entrepreneur – Getting Started

  • A group conversation about building a business with a sound foundation

  • Pros and cons of starting

  • Finances and marketing

24/7 Worker – Delegation, Rebalancing, and much more

  • Advice on going from working in an office to working virtually,

  • Tips and tricks to create work/life balance

  • Delegating tasks, etc.

Automation Implementation – Getting Started With CEO, Rick Maher

  • Rick Maher clothing business owner

  • Insight to kick-start a more efficient sales process

Out of the Ordinary and Into the Extraordinary with CEO, Siobhan Murphy

  • Siobhan Murphy, business coach

  • Inspiring business leaders to evolve themselves

Delegation 101

  • Benefits of delegating work

  • Learn how to communicate

  • Set expectations

Building a Successful Clothing Brand

  • Erik Lerner, fashion designer

  • Starting a business on a small budget with limited financing

  • Building a business from the ground up

Wellness Lifeline for Not Your Average CEO, with Dr. Melissa Rich

  • Develop a wellness mindset

  • Develop a schedule for self-care

  • Schedule downtime

Why Setting Boundaries is Important

  • setting boundaries

  • over-communicating

  • set up expectations

Successful Tips from a Matchmakers with CEO, Melissa Smith

  • The importance of a coach

  • Having the right Virtual Assistant

  • Knowing what you need

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