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Looking for a Long-Term Position: The Three Factors to Consider

Like other aspects of society, the job market has experienced some hardship in the last twelve months. With a record number of people made redundant following the first COVID-19 restrictions coming into place and with thousands more placed on furlough, the prospect of finding another job seemed somewhat impossible for many.

While we recognise that it has not been easy for many across the country, there are many out there who have managed to find either another job or a replacement one. No matter your circumstance, it is crucial that you commend yourself for getting to this point in one piece, for it has certainly not been easy.

However, if you are in the position where you are currently searching for your next long-term job, you may be wondering what factors you need to consider when applying for and accepting a job offer. If you are in this situation, you are in the right place!

We have compiled a list below detailing some of the factors that should be considered when finding your next long-term position. Get yourself comfortable and read on for more! Doors of opportunity will be opening in no time that we can be sure of.

Turnover Rate of Existing Staff

When applying for job roles at different companies, you can research the business online, where you are provided with a wide range of information at your fingertips. While this is very much the case, some snippets of information are more challenging to locate and would be worth finding when you are at the business itself.

One such piece of information that is worthwhile knowing is the existing turnover of staff. By knowing how long staff stay with the company, you would be able to establish whether the company is for you and whether you would be able to find and retain a long-term position there. The last thing you want is to be promised a long-term job, only for it to end in a short time frame.

Benefits for Existing and New Employees

When applying for job roles, one thing you check is the salary that is being offered and any additional employee benefits that are available. There's nothing wrong with this; you would not be human if you didn’t want to be given things like this!

By doing your checks into what a company provides its employees and whether there are any increases in the benefits as time progresses, you can gauge better how the employees are treated by management.

Furthermore, you would want to ensure that you have adequate access to your employee benefits. You don’t want to have to jump through hoops just to access the bare minimum. Companies like Zest Benefits enable employers to provide their employees with a state-of-the-art platform for accessing their company benefits, regardless of time or location.

Businesses like these streamline the process for accessing benefits and have revolutionised how simple it can be. To find out more about this platform, go to Zest’s employee benefits portal. You will be able to find all the information you need to know and more.

Promotional Opportunities and Growth

It goes without saying, but wanting to find a long-term job opportunity, your mind would generally consider the opportunities that you would have for promotion, both in the months and years to come. Most, if not, all people who apply for a long-term role expect some sort of promotion in their time at the business, so this is undoubtedly something that should be considered in the process of applying.

Mainly if you have reached the interview stage of a job application – where applicable – asking the employer or whoever is interviewing you questions about promotions is an ideal place to start. You will be able to express your interest in taking up a long-term position within the country and express your interest in receiving a promotion at some point.

After all, who does not like being given a promotion and shown some recognition for their hard work?!


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