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What All Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Pinterest

Content marketers, social media experts and Virtual Assistant teams are buzzing about Pinterest, a powerful tool for sharing content viraly on the web. Here's a snapshot why....

Encouraging Facts + Stats:

  1. 70% of the world's most recognizable brands "pin"

  2. Pinterest alone drives more traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo or Blogger.

  3. 20% of Pinterest users have made a purchase via the site vs. 10% of Facebook users

  4. What Businesses Need To Know:

  5. You should be using a Business Account v a Personal Account if you intend to use as a marketing channel. (TIP: Convert your current personal account by heading over to the business center) Your profile won't be formatted differently than personal accounts, but as a Business Account, you get perks like badges and widgets to use for your website. For those who are stat geeks, there are also case studies and analytics.

  6. Use "The New Look" for several reasons: the images of your pins will be larger (735px wide up from 600px in Pinterest 1.0), a user-friendly interface and related content shared with the original pin. The last point is most important, because your brand followers are now able to easily see all that your account has pinned.

  7. Post compelling photos that will attract the attention of your market. Infographics are a great tool for this because studies show that the average person reads between 250-300 words per minute, but it takes only 1/20th of a second to process an image.

  8. Pay attention to what other users are responding to by watching what they repin. Popular images (with links back to your website) can get repinned on hundreds of other users' boards.

  9. Make sure that your marketing team or VA is using analytics/insights to define the purchase path and key influencers

  10. Create Daily Pin Themes to promote your brand. The daily themed pins usually lead to repeat visitors.

  11. Pinterest users aren't dumb; they can spot a board that is too self-serving. Post industry, tips, and products from other companies.

  12. Have your Virtual Assistant upload compelling photos in your blog posts, so your readers will pin them to Pinterest-- and you’ll generate more traffic back to your site.

  13. It's critical for you to pin original content to Pinterest (not just repin other people’s

pins). 80% of content on Pinterest is just re-pinned from other users — pin interesting content from your own website as it will really stand out and help you get followers.

  1. Verify your website. Once you do this, other Pinterest users see a check-mark next to your domain in your Pinterest profile and it helps with credibility.

We encourage you to take this new marketing channel out for a ride-- and watch your traffic increase.

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