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3 Principles for Successful Entrepreneurs

1. Don't think for too long - Spend a bit of focused time planning, but more time acting. It's easy to get sucked into the theory that your strategy has to be precise and perfect - but it wastes valuable time. Sometimes, it makes sense to take action on something -- step back early, evaluate it and then react appropriately. Don't strategize yourself out of business.

2. Give excellent client service - even to those whom aren't clients: Deal with all who cross your pass fairly, with integrity.. and a little bit of charm. If you can't help them - if it's not in your wheel house - point them in the direction of someone trusted who can help. Going the extra mile for those who don't have a direct affect on you builds you a loyal base of thankful fans that you can leverage. Fans refer.

3. Skip the tasks that don't generate revenue - You shouldn't be creating esoteric reports, researching competitors, cleaning up the database, scheduling your autoresponders, reconciling your books etc. If you minimize the administrative tasks by outsourcing them to a Virtual Assistant, you can focus your own efforts on generating revenue - which should be what you do best.

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