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13 Fast & Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing

1. Tell a story by showing your target market know how you solved the problem before you try to sell the solution. Make a personal connection to the readers and keep your language friendly and open. If you can include a photo, do so. Since consumers buy from those they know, like and trust, this helps your credibility. If you don’t have a photo – use one of a dog. (Seriously, there’s something about a dog that lowers everyone’s guard). 2. Make sure that someone is checking all links daily if you’re using an online shopping cart. It’s worth the few seconds of time to avoid missed sales opportunities. 3. If a 4th grader read it, would they know what to do? Clear up your call to action. 4. Make sure that your offer satisfies one of these 9 human needs: make money, save money, save time, do something for your family, feel secure, impress others, gain pleasure, improve yourself, or belong to a community. 5. Keep it simple, stupid: Use the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale to make sure you have not become too fancy in your wording. 6. Can you back it up? Justify your products/services with facts and figures. Dig up some stats and use hard numbers when you can. For example, “Using a Virtual Assistant frees up 40% of the work day for entrepreneurs.” 7. Ensure that you’re using as many payment options as available. Studies have found that there’s something about using PayPal that helps increase sales – consumers are more likely to pay from their PayPal account than whip out their credit card. 8. Provide proof in the context of testimonials, praise and reviews to boost your credibility. 9. How can you sweeten the deal? Can you offer a free 30-day trial? Can you break up the purchase price into 3 manageable payments? Can you offer a money-back guarantee? 10. Tie your copy into current events. 11. When you’re writing, visualize only one ideal client. Write to them, instead of a whole audience. Your tone and style will become more trustworthy when you’re writing to one. 12. Boost your font size by 3 points. 13. Offer a down-sell for those that can’t or won’t purchase your product/service immediately. This is a second chance t either buy a lower-priced product from you or sign up for a free newsletter that can help you stay front of mind with the prospect.

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