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Why You Don't Want Traffic to Your Website

Because traffic is just that – traffic. What you want to your website is converted customers or clients. Your goal should not be “50% more traffic visitors to my website this week,” but “50 qualified prospects to my website this week”. So, how do you get those targeted prospects to your site? Here are 6 ideas how…

1. Build a “Top 10” list. These get votes on rating sites like Digg and Stumble Upon all of the time, and become “authority documents”. Include your website link at the boilerplate on the bottom and you can be sure those visitors are interested in just what you have to say.

2. Answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and Google Groups to brand yourself as an authority and offer a back link to your site. Then, you know that those users visiting your site are interested in exactly your area of expertise.

3. Have a heart for reviews! This is a little known tip, but a great one. Create product lists on that review top products related to your business, and mention your background and why you are a great authority to review these products. Provide your website link.

4. Build a tool collection. Original and useful tools get a lot of love. What do you think ranking for mortgage calculator is worth?

5. Web 2.0-ify your site and have dynamic content. This means a message board, links directory, quote of the day, news items, site search, links engine. It makes for a more gratifying experience for your visitors and keeps them coming back.

6. Keep them there A “bounce rate” is a web term for the percentage of visitors who come to your site, poke around on the home page and then leave. Those types of visitors are considered “traffic” and you really don’t want that. But again, you don’t want those potential customers to simply leave if they don’t see what they need on the home page. How do you keep them there? Install a “chat feature”, you can either have yourself or a Virtual Assistant man your “chat” area, and have prospects turn into customers by a little human interaction.

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