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Sharita is an extremely accomplished Virtual Assistant, Financial Manager and Project Manager with 20 years of executive support experience. Sharita is someone who consistently ensures that clients' projects are done on time and within budget. She has produced positive, enduring results for high echelon clients from the solo-entrepreneur to the Fortune 500 company to the non-profit. Far more than a Virtual Assistant or Project Manager, Sharita is a person who influences, whose opinion is highly sought after and whose judgment is respected and trusted.


If you are looking for an organized Virtual Assistant who loves the little details, look no further than Sharita. Sharita is skilled at all aspects of Executive Assistance, with special expertise in project management, finance, budgeting, auditing, event planning, social media marketing and complex scheduling. She's naturally outgoing and amiable, and actively uses discretion and sound judgment in every task she does. 

Prior to joining Virtual Assist USA, Sharita was a National Executive Assistant with Ernst & Young where she provided remote diversified administrative support to Directors and Partners. Prior to that, she worked at a diversified financial services company interacting with city officials and business executives. 


Sharita's natural strength is in developing and maintaining relationships that help her clients and ensure their success. Sharita brings her ability to create and develop structures and workflow to her clients and offers a rare combination of technical and practical expertise. Her coworkers describe her as professional, helpful and kind.

Sharita graduated from the University of Texas with her degree in Psychology. She also received a certification as a Health and Nutritional Life Coach. A lifelong learner, she also studied for her certification in Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster from Kaplan University. 

When she is not working, you can find Sharita cooking, gardening, hiking or volunteering at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanic Garden. Fun fact about Sharita - she is a talented artist and an award-winning cook!



Assessment Results


Each of our team members completes a Wonderlic Cognitive Intelligence test as well as a  DiSC Personality Traits Assessment, as part of our matching process. The Wonderlic Personnel Test (also referred to as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test) was designed to test the overall aptitude of employees. The test is sometimes called a “quick IQ test." It focuses on determining overall cognitive abilities in the areas of math, vocabulary, and reasoning.


The DiSC Personality Traits Assessment gives us the chance to understand our Virtual Assistant's DISC personality blend. This way, we can take proactive steps to place that Virtual Assistant in environments where they'll feel comfortable and empowered, approach them in a way that they'll react positively to, and better understand and predict their actions and reactions in general.


 By thoughtfully taking this assessment, we are able to have better insights into their gifts and talents, which provides a stronger success rate at matching.


Sharita has a blend of both Inspiring and Supportive traits. She is very people oriented and interacts/connects with people very well. She feels energized when she gets to be around people, and how an action or decision affects people and relationships is one of the first things to enter her mind.


Some words from the assessment that describe Sharita are:

  • Critical Thinker

  • Careful

  • Detail-Oriented

  • Committed to Quality

  • Helpful

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