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Virtual Assistant

Digital Marketing Expert


Genius Zone

Getting clients organized, copywriting, blogging and social media management

Advanced Experience

Personality Assessment:

ENFJ-A & Enneagram 4

About Sarah

Sarah supports clients who are in need of high-level executive administrative & marketing/branding support. Sarah works with her clients to manage their day-to-day loads and give them back their time. 

She has built businesses and brands over the past decade and has significant experience in account management, client relations & content creation. She is very comfortable managing the quality of customer flow & experience and has a high ability for solving problems and creating systems and processes.

Clients describe Sarah as positive and hardworking. They also appreciate her attention to detail and flexibility. She consistently approaches her clients' tasks with gusto. She loves to understand her clients' "big W" - why they started their business, what makes them passionate about their work, and what keeps them going. For each client, she truly gets behind their vision of the brand and company.

Sarah received her Bachelor's Degree from Central Michigan University where she maintained Dean's List. She's committed to keeping her skills and best practices up to date and has taken continuing education in Pinterest, Email Management and Social Media.


  • If you are looking for an organized Virtual Assistant who loves the little details and is extremely marketing savvy, look no further than Sarah.

  • She is skilled at all aspects of Executive Assistance, including but not limited to client care, email inbox management, travel arrangements, and automation set up. She's also skilled in digital marketing: graphic design, email marketing, branding, social media strategy, market research, and content writing.

  • When Sarah is not working, you can find her reading, writing and drinking a big cup of coffee.


  • Sarah is skilled in a number of platforms, including but not limited to the entire Microsoft Suite, Google Workspace, WordPress, Zapier, ClickUp, Basecamp, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Link Tree and Canva.

  • She specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and high-level executives in their day-to-day operations while assisting them in marketing planning. 

  • Her favorite TV show is "Parks and Rec" but as of late she's been watching a lot of "Jury Duty" on Amazon Prime


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