Sara's client-centered approach, organization, and thoroughness make her a valuable asset to her clients. Sara has a decade of career experience in fast-paced, remote office settings. She's orderly, focused and dedicated to producing innovative and dynamic results. She prides herself on enhancing the client experience as she assists clients with executive administrative, business operations, bookkeeping, research, and business development needs. 


Sara's executive administrative expertise, in addition to her expansive knowledge of operations, is polished off by her commitment to over-the-top client service. Sara's wide breadth of abilities includes all aspects of administrative and executive support and online business management, process improvement, Quickbooks bookkeeping, operational organization, invoicing, onboarding, large-scale e-mail management, complex scheduling/calendar management, and project management.

Prior to joining Virtual Assist USA, Sara worked as an Executive Assistant and Research/Business Development Professional. In these roles, she was responsible for optimizing organizational operations and facilitating decision-making by examining problem-solving concepts. She was tasked with creating curricula, researching topics and conceptualizing course format, subject matter, and presentations. She has also had significant experience in a broad range of tasks such as gathering, arranging and correcting research data, building prospect lists and candidate sourcing. In her career, she has built tools to automate processes and closely collaborated with key stakeholders to meet her client's organizational needs. She's contributed to the growth of companies' seed stage to Stage C and guided clients by proactively developing their businesses. 

She is known by our clients for the proactive way she provides professional, executive administrative support. Sara's keen eye for every small detail and adept project organization skills make her an invaluable team member to our clients. She has a talent for teaching clients how to cut through the noise and do things that matter. 

Sara is highly skilled in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Jira, Trello, Asana, HipChat, Slack, SalesForce, Quickbooks, and Google Docs/Google Suite to name a few. She received her college degree in Business Administration and Management. 


Sara is a quick learner who is helpful and eager to help her clients implement the organization, systems, and processes to feel comfortable delegating. Sara is always broadening her skills and she loves presenting innovative solutions to tackle complex problems.


Fun fact about Sara: When Sara is not working, you can find her reading or watching documentaries.

Sara works from 9 am - 5 pm Eastern Time, and resides in Denver, CO.


Assessment Results

The DiSC Personality Traits Assessment gives us the chance to understand our Virtual Assistant's DISC personality blend. This way, we can take proactive steps to place that Virtual Assistant in environments where they'll feel comfortable and empowered, approach them in a way that they'll react positively to, and better understand and predict their actions and reactions in general. Sara is an Ic/Ci blend. Some of the words that describe Sara from her personality assessment are:


* Critical thinker

* Committed to quality

*Problem solver

*High energy


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