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Executive assistant, business development and marketing needs

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About Joshua

Joshua is an extremely accomplished & experienced tech-savvy Virtual Assistant and Project Manager, with nearly 10 years of experience with C-Level executives. He has produced positive, enduring results for high-echelon clients. Far more than a Virtual Assistant, Joshua is a person who is detail-oriented, driven, and direct, whose opinion is highly sought after, and whose strategies are respected and trusted. 


Joshua thoroughly enjoys helping his clients get to the next level. He considers it to be the greatest compliment when a client is able to focus on their most high-value needs while trusting that their administrative needs are being handled with the utmost integrity and professionalism. He enjoys all manner of technical, administrative, and business development, especially as they relate to strategy and growth.

Prior to joining Virtual Assist USA, Joshua worked as a consultant where he oversaw the writing, design, and publication of a book from conception to the marketing campaign. In a similar vein, he has also had the opportunity to help three podcasts go from concept to launch. Joshua prioritizes getting to know a client, their values, and priorities. This helps to not simply know the tasks they need to be done but also their work values and environment. 

Joshua's greatest professional values are generosity and support. He does not view administrative work as a simple task to complete. For Joshua, it is the work of caring for and supporting the dreams and ideas of others. It is a way of coming alongside people to build them up. His clients describe him as thorough, attentive, and personable. 

Joshua received his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Nyack College in New York. He also received his Certificate in Fundraising.


  • If you are looking for an organized Virtual Assistant who loves the little details and is extremely tech-savvy, look no further than Joshua.

  • He is skilled at all aspects of Executive Assistance, including but not limited to client care, email inbox management, travel arrangements, calendar management, blog post management, editing content, and automation setup. He's also skilled in market research, social media, and business development.


  • Joshua is proficient in many softwares and platforms including (but not limited to): Asana, Canva, Dropbox, Excel, GSuite, Printify, PowerPoint,, Salesforce, Slack, Wix, Word, Zoom.

  • He specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and high-level executives in their day-to-day operations while assisting them in business development planning.

  • When Joshua is not working, he enjoys traveling, working out, and hosting friends. 


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