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Pittsburgh, PA USA


Whether clients are building a new site, fixing an old one or need a full range of Information Technology support, they flock to Dan. Dan's expertise lies in Information Technology Support, Website Design and Development, Membership Site Development, Website Care/Maintenance/Support as well as Sales Funnel and E-Mail Marketing Integration.


Prior to joining Virtual Assist USA, Dan spent more than 20 years being the go-to technology guru for his employers. Dan has worked in many industries such as Electronics, Government, Telecomm and Education. At Virtual Assist USA, our diverse range of clients appreciates Dan for his unique ability to take tech speak and turn it into plain English.

His professional mission at Virtual Assist USA is to help clients break-free from tech overwhelm so that they can get back to building their business. Clients come to Dan for help with CRM management, web design, e-mail management, systems administration, business process improvement, podcast set up and management, webinar management, search engine optimization, voice over IP setup, research, technology planning, technical problem solving and troubleshooting, and all things web marketing. Dan will also cover regular maintenance and monitoring necessary to prevent most technology issues in your business and give you peace of mind. 



Dan has high-level platform expertise in WordPress, PHP, CSS, Joomla, HTML, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Microsoft Exchange, HostedExchanged, Virtual Private Servers, DHCP, DNS, Linux, Windows Server 20032016, iOS, Zoho, Sales Force, SuiteCRM, GoldMine, Active Directory, GroupPolicy, IIS, PHP, HTML, WordPress, Joomla, CPanel, WHM, MailChimp, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Professional, Zoom, Skype, VoIP, PCHardware, VPN, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Instagram, SEO, MySQL, ITiL,Project Management, Microsoft Office Suite, PodCasts, Internet Radio, E-Commerce, Software Assurance and Management(Licensing), Cloud Backup,Cloud Storage, Data Recovery, Data Security, IT Disaster Recovery, Desktop as a Service, Hosted Servers, Systems Administration and Configuration,Network Administration and Configuration, Zapier. Google Analytics, GoogleSuite, Mobile Device troubleshooting and configuration (iOS, Android, Windows), Slack, Zoom.


A lifelong lover of education, in addition to his degree in Information Technology, he is a Certified Advanced Software Manager. Dan's continuing education courses include Project Management Fundamentals from Villanova University, ITIL, Software Assurance Management, Adobe Illustrator and Sandler Sales Institute. Dan also has an Advanced Certification in Microsoft Office. 


Fun Fact:  When Dan isn't working, he enjoys amateur photography, supporting causes near to his heart like animal rights, and reading Popular Science Magazine. Dan is also a former member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. 



DiSC Assessment Results:

Each of our team members completes a DiSC personality traits assessment, as part of our matching process. By thoughtfully taking this assessment, we are able to have better insights into their gifts and talents, which provides a stronger success rate at matching. 

Based on the assessment, Dan enjoys analyzing and solving problems. He has a commitment to excellence. Some words from Dan's assessment that describe him are:


  • Analytical

  • Conscientious 

  • Helpful

  • Careful

  • Driven

  • Problem-solver