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Cynthia, Virtual Assistant

Administrative & Operations Expert


Advanced Experience

Genius Zone

Organization, research/implementation, creativity

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About Me

Virtual Assistant

Cynthia brings more than two decades of experience to the table. She took her work remote and has been working since a Virtual Assistant since 2012. She has worn many hats (often all at the same time) in those various roles. The common thread across all industries has been her ability to not only drive constant improvement and growth but in helping others to be more successful. She loves to bring order out of chaos! 


She is a highly creative individual with the ability to help clients think outside of the box. She enjoys brainstorming sessions to see what type of ideas she can bring to the table and to help clients see a view of the project or task they may not have considered.


Cynthia believes it is not only her duty to serve her clients to the best of her ability, but also to educate them throughout the process -- providing helpful suggestions and growth hacks for improvement along the way. In the Virtual Assistant industry, Cynthia is known for being a true strategic partner for her clients, with consistent communication, strong attention to detail, and ensuring a positive experience for all of her clients.


Cynthia's clients describe her as empathetic, enthusiastic, forward-thinking, and an on-the-fly problem solver. Most of all, she loves to help clients figure out how to work smarter and more efficiently. 

Fun fact about Cynthia: When she's not working, she enjoys volunteering with dog rescue organizations and is a true animal lover.

She has a passion for helping companies and entrepreneurs operate at their most efficient levels. Helping them build their businesses from the ground up and assisting them in continual growth and development gives me purpose. She believes that every second counts and if she can help others put a little more time into their day by assisting with odds and ends or ensuring things run smoothly, it helps contribute to the overall benefit of the company and ultimately, improves livelihoods.

  • If you are looking for a creative organized Virtual Assistant who loves the implementation process, look no further than Cynthia.

  • She is skilled at all aspects of Executive Assistance & has particular expertise working with speakers in all stages of their speaking careers

  • Cynthia received her Journalism degree from Caldwell College, and went on to attend a paralegal program. She is also a certified Public Notary. 


  • Cynthia is proficient in such platforms as GSuite, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe, Quickbooks, Concur, Expensify, Ramp, Gusto, Justworks, iCloud, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, various CRMs and more.


How Cynthia will stay proactive with you and your company

Cynthia prefers to check in daily and meet at least once a week, depending on her client's schedule. She feels this gives the best opportunity to ask if there's anything else she can take off her client's plates. 

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