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with Your Virtual Assistant TODAY!

No long term commitment. No extra fees. And no more never-ending 'To Do' list for you.

When you hire Virtual Assist USA, you have:

  • A dedicated Virtual Assistant and Team Supervisor

  • Access to our entire team's skillset 

  • Unlimited users so you may have a co-worker or partner share your package

  • A matching process that is proprietary and based on skills assessments and personality tests so that you are paired with the best Virtual Assistant and Team Supervisor

  • A Virtual Assistant who is our employee (read why that's important here)

Virtual Meeting_edited.jpg

Pricing Options

This is per-hour pricing with no minimums, no commitments and the ultimate flexibility for project-based and as-needed work.



20hr at $40.75



40hr at $38.75



60hr at $36.50

Flexible Pricing


*Loyalty Subscription Pricing


Not sure which plan is best for you?

If you still have questions or would like some advice on what plan fits your needs the best we would love to talk to you about it. Use the button below to schedule a call durring a time that works best for you so we can make the perfect plan for you!

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