November 20, 2019

Sure, there is automation software out there that can increase your productivity. And you could always go the old-school method of hiring an in-office assistant for 40 hours a week, and pay the benefits and taxes that go along with that.


You could do what thousands o...

May 14, 2019

It’s only 1 pm on Monday, and your inbox is already full. There are requests for meetings. Deadlines are steadily approaching for tasks you haven’t even started yet. Not to mention, the snail mail is stacked up on your desk, and your oldest child is home sick from scho...

July 12, 2009

Stress?  Isn’t that just something you have to live with?

Well, yes and no.

We all feel stress and though the triggers may be different for each person, we all react to stress in similar ways.

Your heart rate speeds up and your breathing becomes shallower. Your muscles ti...

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